Your Door Locks Aren’t As Secure As You Think

I’m passionate about home security – ask any of my customers …

For me, my job is not just about turning up to change your locks or solve the problem when someone needs an emergency locksmith – I’m passionate about helping people … Helping people be informed – and making sure that they are secure in their homes – and that the burglars are kept out

I use only the best suppliers to make sure that my locks are top grade and best quality, and I wanted to share a recent post from one of my suppliers that highlights just how much people are being mislead – Many locks are not secure – and now with the latest break in method of lock snapping – a burglar can be in your home in just 18 seconds

Here’s the post from my supplier … It’s interesting reading …



Yet the industry has fooled itself into believing that the doors it sells are secure. We stick ‘security’ badges on them to convince homeowners. But they’re not secure, and real life keeps getting in the way of this fiction. For 10 years a lock snapping epidemic has been spreading across the UK, and until people in the industry are burgled themselves we turn a blind eye and continue to use cheap components and products that are not fit for purpose instead of selling the real thing.

The introduction of Approved Document Q on 1st October with a more demanding PAS24 test has helped to expose the fiction that composite doors are the pinnacle of security.

Some are highly secure, but most are not. Brisant showed that, unlike our Ultion lock, most cylinder locks including TS007 3 star locks can be cracked in as little as 20 seconds. Solidor revealed in its video that most door slabs can be cut through in seconds. Then RegaLead blew the whistle on glass.

Surely it’s time the industry got real? People are not interested in tick-box lab tests. They want real, I mean real life security. They want to know their home is really secure. They don’t want to wake up one morning to find their front door open and their valuables gone, driven away in the car they parked on the drive.

Let’s take Document Q and the new PAS24 as a wake-up call to do the right thing. Let’s sell what we promise. Yes, it will cost a little more. But we know that’s right for consumers and right for the industry. People want security. Let’s give it to them.