Beat The Burglars – Home Break In Statistics

Beat The Burglars – Home Break In Statistics

Beat The Burglars – Home Break In Statistics

Just a quick one for you today … but really important information to know – 74% of all burglaries are throught the front door!

Make sure it’s not yours by calling Dave Green and having a free home security check.


Dave can advise you on all aspects of home security … and most importantly upgrading your door locks!!

Dave Green of the Key Cabin Glossop is on call 24/7 … You can call him now on: 07736 901478

A Quick Snap Shot Of The Crime Survey Report Below …



Scary Stuff Hey?

How can you protect yourself and your home? Upgrade your locks to our Brisant Ultion Anti Snap Locks … Call Dave for more info … 07736 901478


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So – You Think You’re Insured?

So – You Think You’re Insured?

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You May Have Home Insurance? But ARE You Insured?


Most people have both buildings and contents insurance, and when you have extra special valuables in your home, you’ll have the peace of mind that you are also covered for these items on your home contents insurance policy … But here’s the thing – If you do not have the right type of locks on your doors and windows – You might not be insured at all!


You Are Not Insured If Your Window Locks & Door Locks Are Not Insurance Specified


Unfortunately, I have seen some instances where people have not been covered by their insurance for their possessions due to not having insurance standard locks on their windows and doors – Don’t let this happen to you …


What Locks Do You Need On Your Windows & Doors?

To ensure that you have insurance compliant locks, it is best to check your insurance documents to see what specifications your insurance company requires

Most of the time, you insurance company will want a minimum of BS compliant locks fitted throughout your home on both your windows and doors


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What You Can Do Now …


We have a range of locksmith services at affordable prices, we can upgrade your locks, check you have sufficient security – and that your locks comply to your insurance company’s requirements

Free Locksmith Service – Free Home Security Check


With no call out charge for locksmith services, and a free home security check, you can be sure that your home is secure – and insured in case of break in

Contact Dave Green now on 07736 901478 to book your appointment for your free home security check – or fill in the contact form below


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Watch How Unsecured Your Doors Are

Make Your Home Secure Against Break In

As the leading experts in home security, we know how important it is to you that you feel secure, safe and protected in your home


No One Wants A Break In Situation


Even if you are insured, or not at home when someone breaks into your home, that still doesn’t make it any less frightening.

Here’s the good news – You can protect your home and make it so much harder for buglers to break in with our range of superior locks, designed to protect you, your home , and your property against lock snapping as a way of gaining access to your home


Upgrade Your Door Locks

With prices starting at just £75 for an upgraded secure Brisant door lock, protecting yourself, your home, and your possessions is easier than you might think

For more information on upgrading your locks, contact Dave Green on 07736 901478