Lock Snapping – What you NEED To Know

Lock Snapping – What you NEED To Know

Lock Snapping – What you NEED To Know


Many millions of UPVC Doors are fitted with old style euro cylinder locks – Yours may be the same …


Burgled In Just 9 Seconds …

In less than a minute, and in one test – Just 9 seconds, by using the technique of lock snapping, a burglar could have snapped your locks and be in your home

Lock Snapping Documentary From The BBC


Watch the video below to see just how easy it is, and just how common lock snapping is making it easy for burglars to gain entry into homes

[embedvideo type=”vimeo” id=”113911472″]


What You Can Do To Protect Yourself Against Lock Snapping


It is quite easy to get your locks changed to more secure door locks and protect you and your home against lock snapping


To fit quality locks that protect your property from lock snapping takes just 30 minutes and prices start at just £75 – A small price to pay for peace of mind


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