Locksmith Services & Contracts For Business & Commercial Premises

Help Your Clients Move In Safely

How many people still have a key to a property that has been sold to a new owner?

Improve your service to your clients and add a profit opportunity to your business by offering a lock changing service

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Locksmith Services For Commercial Property


As an estate agent you’ll have hundreds of clients to look after, and you are busy enough – so let us help make your job easier and take advantage of our special locksmith and key cutting services just for estate agents


We know that no two estate agents needs are the same, that’s why we offer tailored locksmith packages as well as our one off locksmith services



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Monthly Maintenance Contracts Or Pay As You Go


Whether you want to ‘Call us when you need us’ or set a monthly service level contract to ensure all of your locksmith and key cutting needs are taken care of, we can help


Offer Your Clients A Better Service

Landlords, tenants, homebuyers – all have the need for a locksmith or key cutting services, offer your clinets a better service by making the most of what we can offer you





How Can We Help You?


What do you need from a locksmith? What will help make your life easier? Contact Dave Green and discuss your requirements and needs – You can call Dave 24/7 on 07736 901478 – Or complete the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you within 3 working hours


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