lock snapping - why you need anti snap locks

Lock Snapping – Quicker Than You Can Open Your Door With Your Key

76% of burglars get in through a door – and these unwanted intruders often use lock snapping as a method to break the door lock and gain entry into a property

Unfortunately, it could be your property …

If you have a standard UPVC door lock …. The locks are easily snappable

So when you last locked your door – You thought it was secure didn’t you? Sadly it’s not, scroll down to watch the video below and see just how quickly a standard lock on a UPVC door can be snapped


lock snapping door and window locks and home security locksmith near me

Are Your Doors Fitted With Anti Snap Locks?

SCary isn’t it?

You can fix this rather quickly and inexpensively with anti-snap locks – From £99 you can have anti snap locked fitted, this makes anti-snap locks one of the most affordable ways to protect your home and for the peace of mind that they’ll give up getting into your property if they do try


Lock Snapping – How Burglars Can Snap A Standard UPVC Door Lock Quickly & Quietly – Watch This Video Below …


Shocking Isn’t It?

And it could happen to you – Every day and night in the UK – thousands of homes are broken into – 76% of those break ins are through the door

brisant Beat the burglars with ultion locks and ultion keys

And it feels like it’s getting closer to home as social media quickly spreads the unpleasant stories of yet another victim of a home break-in from your own neighbourhood

What if it happened to you?

When you see all these stories, it’s something you can’t help thinking about isn’t it?

The reality is – It could happen to you – And I’m not saying that to worry you or cause you any anxiety … Instead, to get you to think about your home’s security now – Rather than having to go through what I see on a regular basis – People who have had their homes broken into and call me in to secure the property and advise them about improving their home security so it can’t happen again – That’s when it gets really expensive, stressful and incredibly time consuming

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