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locklock door locks
lock lock door locks
lock lock door locks
lock lock door locks

Locked & Locked …

Keeps protecting even
if the burglar breaks the lock

With Lock Lock, better security is built right in. Because when you lock a door featuring Lock Lock, you lock the spindle. This patented design features a simple, super-safe switch which replaces the need to turn a key to lock your door. There’s no fuss, no risk and no searching for keys. You simply press down the switch and your door is more than locked. It’s Lock Locked. So your family is better protected. Instantly.

210% tougher

Why do most doors rely only on weak little steel M5 bolts to fix the handles to the door? Lock Lock doesn’t. It’s only ever fixed with 12.9 grade, high strength steel alloy M6 bolts. They are 210% stronger than M5 bolts!

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