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Brisant Ultion Replacement Keys – What You Need To Know …

Brisant Ultion keys and locks are taking the locksmith market by storm. For both homeowners and locksmiths, Brisant now offers an anti snap lock to protect your home from burglars who use the increasingly common method of lock snapping to get into your home

According to The Office Of National Statistics, a massive 73% of burglaries are carried out by breaking in through the front door, so having an anti snap lock makes sense to homeowners

£1000 Guarantee From Brisant

Brisant are so confident that there locks are unsnappable, that they offer a £1000 guarantee – You must register your locks with Brisant – See more about the Brisant Ultion Anti Snap lock guarantee here



Warning About Replacement Brisant Ultion Keys

As a Brisant Approved Key Centre, we work closely with Brisant to make sure we can give you as a homeowner the very best in service and home security, and we are aware of some non-ultion keys being offered for sale on the internet- Do not buy these replacement keys – They will damage your Brisant Ultion locks – and void your warranty and guarantee


How Can You Tell That What You Are Buying Is A Genuine Brisant Ultion Replacement Key?

Only locksmiths and key cutters approved by Brisant are allowed to supply Brisant Ultion replacement keys – Keys from anywhere else are not genuine Ultion … You must look or ask for the Brisant Approved Key Centre symbol (as below) … You may also find that the non genuine Ultion keys are also priced under £9 per key



If you are not sure you can search for a Brisant approved key centre here


Ordering Your Brisant Ultion Replacement Keys

Here at The Key Cabin Locksmiths, we offer an online ordering service for Brisant Ultion keys … Ordering is quick, easy and secure … You can send us an enquiry and find out about getting more Ultion keys here


Stay Secure … Choose Brisant Ultion Anti Snap Locks