Brisant Ultion Keyring – Never Lose Your Keys

Never Lose Your Keys – New Inbuilt Tracker Option In Ultion Keys

As specialists in helping you prtect your home from break-ins and burglars, we have been working with Brisant Ultion for a long time, they are the best by far in door lock security … Now, Brisant are making their keys and locks even better by offering top of the range technology in theor keys – KEYRING



Keyring – Even More Uses For Home Security …

When you buy KEYRING from Brisant Ultion, not only are you able to always find and track your keys from the convenient and easy app, but it will also help get your property back – here’s why …. Most burglars break into homes for car keys … And of course, having car keys means they can quickly and easily steal your car … With a Brisant Ultion KEYRING, the burglars will not know that it is fitted with a tracking device … So that means that we can locate your keys, and most likely, your property and the nasty low-life that took it !!

Want This Protection For Your Keys?

Of course you do, who wouldn’t, for the prices, it’s a bit of a no brainer too

To find out more about getting this protection, you can call myself Dave Green direct on 07736 901478 – Or send us an enquiry … Scroll down below the image … and you’ll find the enquiry form there – I’ll get back to you straight away with more details






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