BLOWTORCH BURGLARY – What You Need To Know …

blowtorch burglary how it works

Blowtorch Burglary

‘Blowtorch Burglary’ … A frightenly new method that burglars are using to quickly gain entry into the homes they are targeting

This is mainly happening on UPVC and composite doors – Using a blowtorch the intruder burns the door plastic surrounding the key and handle area to expose the cylinder (where you put your key)

Once the cylinder is exposed, they can then ‘snap’ the cylinder – which is one thing that is keeping your door locked!!

Once snapped the cylinder is broken and can pushed out and your door opened

It’s fast – and terrifying that to think that in less than 30 seconds – An intruder can be in your front door

Up until now, lock snapping (using just pliers to break the cylinder) has been common, now police are reporting this ‘blowtorch burglary’ method as becoming more common – and it’s having enough impact on homeowners to hit the National news recently


 ‘Blowtorch Burglary’ Attack – How It’s Done…

blowtorch burglary - what is blowtorch burglary
blowtorch burglary how its done
blowtorch burglary anti snap locks

Watch How A Blowtorch Burglary Occurs – And How Anti Snap Locks Protect Against Blowtorch Burglary Attacks

What You Can Do To Protect Against Blowtorch Burglary

Upgrade Your Door Locks …

Unfortunately – There is no other alternative … However, the good news is that upgrading the locks on your external doors isn’t as expensive as you might think 

Anti Snap Locks blowtorch burglary

Upgrading To Anti Snap Locks

There are many anti-snap locks available on the market – but are all locks built the same?

No – Specification varies – You must look for locks that give protection to the Secure By Design Police Preferred Specification and there are many to choose from

I recommend Ultion Locks – and it’s the product I fit in all my customer’s homes

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Meet Ultion Locks …

The Ultimate Security Upgrade

The unique and patented Lock Lock option is accredited beyond every other handle on the market.

Police Preferred Specification

Secure By Design. The official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of ‘designing out crime’ with physical security.

Approved by British Standards

Kitemark is the standard of excellence recognised around the world. Ultion is accredited with the highest 3 star rating.

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